We’re planning for a fall litter.

All the puppies from the Aramis x Cricket puppies born October 12, 2015 are in their new homes.

They have gone to to wonderful homes in Florida, Atlanta,  and Seattle. And one lives with me.

If you’d like to be kept up to date with MiravalPWDs leave me your email, or like our facebook page.  I regularly post info useful to PWD (or any dog) owners. As well as updates about what is happening with Miraval puppies all over the country.

Occasionally – but rarely – I will have an older dog available. The first place I’ll post that info is on the facebook page.

2-IMG_0091   puppies 1 day old 1-IMG_0090  cricket 2015-1 day

Cricket’s puppies arrived on  November 12.

There are 2 girls and 5 boys.  6 are irish marked. Some will stay black and white, and some will be black and silver fox. One male puppy looked like he was white with black spots when he was born, but he won’t stay that way.  He’s going to be silver fox (aka double ticked parti color) just like his father.

Irish marked: The color pattern of white on the feet and chest, often with a full collar and some white on the head.
Silver Fox: Is sort of a tweed. It’s a mix of black and white hairs that from a distance look silvery. It’s VERY unusual.

I’m planning a post all about silver foix and how the colors change. Check back soon for that.

Aramis puppy pic

Silver Fox: Aramis at 3 months.

Some puppies from this litter are still available. They will be ready to go home in mid-January.

The sire is Aramis (CH Roseknoll A Crest of Sunrider, AX, AXJ, WWE, GROM ||  1995 -2007) and the dam is Cricket (CH Miraval’s Shutterbug, WWD.)

This litter was conceived with the help of modern medicine, since Aramis passed away in 2007.

I first did a litter of this breeding in December 2013. Because the puppies have turned out so well, in temprement and conformation (and so far with no health problems) a couple of people have expressed an interest in having one of their own.

Here are the next steps if you think the right puppy for you might be in this litter.

  • If you don’t know much about Portuguese Water Dogs read the FAQ first.
  • If you aren’t sure if you are ready for a dog now, and are looking for more general info, send me a note, including your phone number and a few good times to talk.
  • If you know you are ready for a puppy now, fill out the application, and once I receive it I’ll give you a call.

The Aramis x Cricket litter, born December 28, 2013 is growing up.

  Cricket and Ruby - July 2014  Ruby jumps in