breeding Portuguese water dogs since 2002

Miraval PWDs


Getting the right PWD puppy

It’s easy to fall in love with a cute puppy, but making sure that you get the puppy that is right for you is a little more complicated.

A Portuguese Water Dog is not the right dog for everyone. They are very busy and mouthy. It’s like having a toddler forever. (Check out the FAQ  for more info.)

Within every litter, there are puppies with different temperaments. It’s my job to make sure that I match the puppy with the right home.  As they grow I observe them, watch how they interact with other people, and at 7 weeks we use the Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test to get even more information about them. All of that, plus what I learn about you from your application and talking to you, goes into making the right match.

I take the process of finding the right home for these puppies very seriously. In nearly 20 years of breeding Portuguese Water Dogs, I have only had two dogs returned. (I feel responsible for the dogs I breed for their entire life. The contract outlines what happens if for some reason you can’t keep your dog. The dog’s welfare is my primary concern so we will discuss alternative homes. If necessary I will take the puppy – or dog of any age – back and find it a new home.)

Miraval puppies are special

The planning for these puppies started generations ago. For me, it started with choosing a healthy dog who met the PWD standard, had the temperament to take life in stride, and had genetics and characteristics worth passing on.

Not every dog meets that criteria. In fact, Dora (CH Mariner Faladora do Miraval, CD, AX, AXJ, WWD, S-ROM) (the puppies’ great, great, great-grandmother) was the third bitch I bought. Both Sara and Cressa were great dogs, but because of health and temperament concerns, they weren’t the right dogs to start a breeding program with.

The puppies’ parents are both very even-tempered, affectionate, fast learners and great examples of the PWD standard. They have both had extensive health testing which assures that the puppies will be free of all of the genetic diseases we can test for.

Just three days after the puppies are born we start with ENS (early neurological stimulation) as outlined in the Puppy Culture Video ENS about ENS.

By following the Puppy Culture protocol, and using what I’ve learned in 24 years of owning and breeding PWDs these puppies are given the best start possible.

Follow along on the Pupdate page or Miraval Facebook page to see how they learn.

Next Steps


First, fill out the puppy application. It’s a short application, asking for contact information and a few PWD related questions.

I’ll get back to you within 48 hours to schedule time for us to talk on the phone.

Since I don’t know when the puppies are due until Ruby comes into season at this time I am creating an interest list. By getting on the list you’ll be updated as I know more about when the litter is due, but I won’t make any firm commitments until I know Ruby is pregnant.


When buying a purebred puppy, the breeder and the buyer should have similar attitudes about housing, training, feeding and living conditions.

This is the beginning of a relationship, not just a one-time transaction. This call gives us a chance to know each other better. I will get to know you and more about your living situation and you will have a chance to ask me questions.

At that point, we can usually all tell if this is a good fit and if we like one another, we will proceed with selecting your family.

Once I confirm that Ruby is pregnant I will take deposits. There is a NON-REFUNDABLE $300 deposit to hold a puppy. We only take deposits for the number of puppies available, however, sometimes there isn’t a puppy that is a good match for you in which case we’ll return the deposit.

That’s the only circumstance under which we return deposits. If we are holding a puppy for you we are turning away other potential homes.


Get involved with the puppies. Once they are born you’ll get a link to their webcam and when they are 4 weeks old you can come to visit.

There will be pictures and videos here, but the best way to join the Miraval FB page and the puppy owners FB group.


What else you need to know.


  • Raised indoors in the home in sanitary conditions  
  • Dewormed  
  • Examined by our veterinarian and certified in good health prior to leaving  
  • Have their first set of shots. We provide detailed vaccination instructions of our vaccination protocol for you to share with your vet.  
  • Regularly introduced to new things  (new toys, household noises, different surfaces, etc.)
  • Have been introduced to clicker training and Started on basic manners skills.
  • They are socialized, handled daily and have regular visitors when they are old enough. (Please come here to help socialize them.)
  • Started on crate training  and housebreaking
  • Started on basic manners skills using clicker training.  
  • Pre spoiled, very loved, and always welcome back if the purchasing family finds that they cannot keep their puppy for any reason at any time.  


  • Lifetime support about health, training, behavioral issues or anything else. We WANT to hear from you!  The puppies are part of our family until they day they take their last breath.
  • Puppy pack including a litter-scented blanket, a new toy, food, a clicker and treats  
  • A before the puppy goes home shopping list.
  • Resources and training materials starting before the puppy goes home.
  • AKC registration. Issued by the club after purchase  
  • Medical records  
  • Microchip and registered with AKC Reunite  
  • Special offer for discounted or complimentary pet insurance   
  • Contact with the other families who have your dog’s litter mates