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UPDATE – 8/8/20  Here in NE CT we are without power (going on 5 days!) so I can’t do much with the website or application. Please check back at the end of the week.

Rogue x PupUp are expecting puppies at the end of September. They will be ready to go home at the end of November. 

If you are interested in being on the waitlist fill out an application or follow us on Facebook for the most current info.

The February 2020 Rogue x PupUp puppies are about 2 weeks old in this video.

Rogue x PupUp

Ch Saltydawg’s Blue Amethyst Rogue Guardian, CGC x
Miraval’s Shoot for the Stars

Both parents are beautiful black wavy dogs with happy, eager to learn, temperaments. Like their parents, the puppies will be black with some white markings.

This is a repeat of breeding done last so we have a good idea of what they will look like.  You can see their older siblings here.

Like all of our litters since 2012, these puppies will be raised with Puppy Culture. It has made such a difference it the stability and adaptability of the dogs that it’s worth taking the extra time to expose them to all the new experiences. 


Xena started water work at 4 months. Using these platforms builds confidence and lets the dog start training even before they are working off the boat.

Congratulations Pam & Liza

Liza (MACH Miraval’s Life is a Cabaret…) and her teammate Pam Lesher have had huge successes in obedience, agility, tracking, water work and rally. In 2017 they were named the #8 Novice Obedience PWD More info on things to do with your dogs – and an explanation of what all those letters mean.

Go to Mat is easy and fun to train

Arthur is about 10 weeks old. HE was introduced to the clicker when he started eating. I clicked every time I put food down for the puppies. Now he knows that the sound of the clicker means he is doing the right thing.

About Miraval

When you work together with your dog builds your bond, and is fun. PWDs compete in Water Trials based on the work they did on the fishing boats in Portugal. Cricket can’t wait to do the next exercise.
More about Miraval PWDs

Phyllis & Cricket

Miraval Pups at Home

When Lola went home her family thought she’d be a great companion and go for long walks. She does that AND she’s become an agility star.

Ruben is Ruby’s littermate, and a Champion. Now he spends time doing water work.

Luna lives on Whidbey Island WA where she has her own boat.