New Puppy Resources

The first few weeks after you get your puppy is the most important time in its life. No dog or puppy is ever too old to learn, but everything the puppy is introduced to in its first few formative months has a greater impact than anything else. 

Something that could take weeks to learn later can be done in a few 10 minute sessions if it’s done before they are 12 or 16 weeks old.  That’s why we use PuppyCulture to raise our puppies.

Whether you have a Puppy culture puppy or not there are some excellent resources for this early education.

This is the original Puppy Culture resource. Available as DVD and VOD (Video on Demand) it starts from before the puppies are born through 12 weeks. Designed originally for breeders the sections for puppies 8-12 weeks and problem-solving are excellent for anyone with a puppy that age. 

Get This! Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog your relationship with them and their ability to pay attention really is the most important thing you can train. This isn’t a one-time thing training. You’ll learn the tools you need for a life time of learning. 

The big secret to dog training is to make the dog think everything you want them to do is their idea. When Pigs Fly will help you figure out what turns your dog on and how to reward them in a way that works for them.


Everyone wants a dog to take on long walks, to play with, to run and to swim. Eventually, you’ll be able to do that, but the secret to keeping your dog healthy starts at a young age with appropriate exercise.  This booklet will help you make sure that your puppy gets appropriate exercise. 


Online Training Resources

It wasn’t that long ago that if you needed professional help to train your dog there were only two options. Going somewhere to take a class or having a trainer come to your home. These are still both excellent choices, but there is now so much information online that you can access. Even better, there are programs that combine online resources with live video interaction.

—–more to come —–

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When Lola went home her family thought she’d be a great companion and go for long walks. She does that AND she’s become an agility star.

Ruben is Ruby’s littermate, and a Champion. Now he spends time doing water work.

Luna lives on Whidbey Island WA where she has her own boat.