Miraval’s Over the Rainbow 


Ruby is a friendly, enthusiastic who loves the water. She is a black and white irish marked curly, although both of her parents are wavy. (you would expect that two wavy parents will produce wavy offspring, but she sure looks curly.)

She is the ideal height according to the PWD standard at 19.5″, and weighs about 50 pounds.  She’s trained in agility, obedience, and water work but hasn’t started competing yet.

Ruby’s father is Aramis, CH Roseknoll A Crest of Sunrider, AX, AXJ, WWD. He is a PWDCA Gold Register of Merit Award winner and won Agility High in Trial at PWDCA National Specialty in 1997. (Aramis died in 2007 at age 12. Ruby and her 8 littermates were conceived using semen frozen in 1997 when Aramis was 2.)

Ruby’s mother is Cricket, Ch Miraval’s Shutterbug, WWD. Her Grandmother Pixel, Ch Miraval’s Picture Perfect, NA, NAJ, AWD was Winner’s Bitch and an Award of Merit winner at the  PWDCA National Specialty in 2005. Pixel was the puppy I kept from the first litter I bred in 2002.

Ruby is rated Normal and/or Clear (by parentage) for GM-1, PRA and IC.