Lola has her own seat on the plane.

Sometimes the best toys are free.

THe boys at 4 weeks (clicking on the images will make them bigger)

the girls at 4 weeks

Week One - day 4

Wavy boy, curly boy, irish girl

Day 4

Wavy girl and boy

Day 4

Wavy girl, Socks

Day 4

Wavy irish girl with spot, curly boy

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Here are the puppies during their first two days.  We raise them following the Puppy Culture Protocol. Their ENS (Early Neurologic Stimulation) starts on Day 3.

PUPDATE 2018 Litter

About Miraval

When you work together with your dog builds your bond, and is fun. PWDs compete in Water Trials based on the work they did on the fishing boats in Portugal. Cricket can’t wait to do the next exercise.
More about Cricket
More about Miraval PWDs Phyllis & Cricket

2018 litter tentative schedule

Friday, July 13

Puppies are born!

Week of July 30

Puppy eyes start opening

saturday august 1

Propspective owners can start visiting

saturday september 1

It’s a PARTY! New puppy owners, owners of all Miraval puppies and friends.

saturday, september 8

Puppies can go home