Jet x Ruby puppies - March 2, 2019

This litter had 9 puppies, 4 girls, and 5 boys. They went to homes all over the country in April and May 2019.

Trapper and Isadora took the same plane home with their families to Seattle, Davos lives in the SF Bay Area, — lives in the Twin Cities, Sadie lives in Tampa, Jaco and Sully are near Harford CT, Mylo lives in NH and spends time on the road in his RV and Xena lives with me. 


Pulling his net in a water trial.

Miraval's Legend of the Future, CD, RN, CWD

A day at the beach

Jet is a healthy, active 14 year old who lives in the SF Bay Area. He started his therapy dog career at 4 months and got his first water title at 8 months. He was one of the youngest dogs to earn his Courier Water Dog title before he was 2.



Courier pouch exercise

In front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Health Testing

Jet, Miraval’s Legend of the Future CD, RV, CWDX
Normal for PRA, GM-1, JDCM, EOPRA, IC
OFA hips good.  (Some testing recently done will be submitted to OFA for listing on site.)

Ruby and her puppies 2017

Miraval's Over the Rainbow

Ruby loves retreiving!

That’s her mother and daughter behind her.


Health Testing

Ruby,  Miraval’s Over the Rainbow
Normal for PRA, JDCM carrier.* GM-1, IC (clear by parentage) OFA hips good.
*Although Ruby is a JDCM carrier as long as she is bred to a dog that is clear (as Jet is) she won’t produce it.

Not only am I excited about this breeding, but these puppies already have a fan club of the owners of dogs in the pedigree.

Dora, CH Mariner Faladora do Miraval, CD, AX, AXJ, WWD, GROM wasn’t my first PWD, but she was the first that I felt was worth breeding. She’s both Jet’s mother and Ruby’s Great-great-grandmother.

She was a fabulous, driven worker and taught me a lot about training, showing, and what’s possible.

At the time she was bred to Ace (Jet’s father) she and Ace were the number 4 & 5 agility PWDs in the country. They both had great temperaments and were successful in a variety of dog sports.


When Lola went home her family thought she’d be a great companion and go for long walks. She does that AND she’s become an agility star.

Ruben is Ruby’s littermate, and a Champion. Now he spends time doing water work.

Luna lives on Whidbey Island WA where she has her own boat.