CH Miraval the Warrior Princess BCAT, SWE, SCM, SEM, TKN, RATO, WWD, BROM


Xena comes from a long line of athletic, accomplished working PWDs who have excelled in the conformation ring. With that pedigree, her skills shouldn’t be a surprise, but she may be my most talented dog yet. 

She loves nose work and has excelled since she started competing a little more than two years ago. She is working towards her NW3 (a high-level achievement in another scentwork organization.) In 2023 she became part of a USDA study with Virginia Tech to see if dogs could help find the invasive Spotted Lanernfly.

She has competed in agility, Fast CAT, Barn Hunt, obedience, and PWDCA Water trials. She has her Novice Tricks Title, and in 2023 was awarded a Bronze Register of Merit award from the PWDCA.

But she isn’t just a working dog — she is always happy and is thrilled if she sees a tennis ball. She has a steady temperament and isn’t reactive to other dogs or people. 

She has a curly black coat, is about 19.5″ tall, and weighs about 50 pounds.  

Xena has had all the testing recommended by the PWDCA (Portuguese Water Dog Club of America.) She is rated Normal and/or Clear (by parentage) for GM-1, PRA and IC.

Xena has been training to find the invasive pest spreading throughout the Northeast, the Spotted lanternfly. She is part of a USDA-funded study at Virginia Tech testing to see if dogs can successfully be used to find Spotted Lanternfly eggs.

Ch Miraval's Warrior Princess

Xena is now CH Miraval’s Warrior Princess. She won three majors in February 2020 at 11 months – the week before the dog shows stopped because of the pandemic. She finished her championship at the show in Brooksville FL in January 2021.

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