Pupdate 2024 -4 weeks

This is the page to follow the Xena x Rouge litter, born February 18, 2024. This is where I post new photos and video and updates about what the puppies are doing.

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Puppies having their first meal

This was the first puppy to the bowl. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

Xena wants to be close to her puppies.

How can this be comfortable?

These next weeks provide the foundation for the puppies to learn about new things, and experience new sounds and smells.

This is where using Puppy Culture makes a lifelong difference in the dog’s life.. Ruby, who is these puppies’ grandmother, was in the first litter where I used the Puppy Culture protocols.

Even though my earlier litters produced happy, well-adjusted puppies, the puppies raised with Puppy Culture seem are more resilient. Because they have new experiences daily they learn to adapt quickly and those skills carry throughout their life.

This week the puppies have been exposed to a new place, moving from the whelping box to a pen in the kitchen, heard lots of new noises, the vacuum cleaner, the neighbor’s fireworks, an air compressor being used while a new door was installed.

They have been exposed to new odors to help awaken their scenting skills. Besides the usual kitchen aromas, they have a new scent in their pen everyday. Today it was chamomile, tomorrow it will be grass.


Every day the puppies are exposed to something new. This day it was the sit and spin toy. It took just a few seconds for them to figure it out.

The crinkle toy was a 4-week-old birthday present. At 9pm they had been sacked out, but discovering a new toys got them going again.