Miraval Shoot for the Stars


PupUp loves to be out on the water

Note: If you haven’t had a PWD before read THIS PAGE. to see if you are likely to be a good fit for a PWD.

Miraval Shoot for the Stars 

I’m looking for a new home for PupUp where she will be the center of attention.  I have too many dogs (4 adults) in a small house and she’s getting lost in the commotion. She’s not happy competing for attention and toys.

She is happy to cuddle, sprawl out on the floor or couch, go for walks or go out on a kayak or paddleboard.

I have started training her for agility, obedience, and water work (based on the work the dogs did on the fishing boats in Portugal) If her new owner was interested in taking classes or competing with her she would happily jump right back in.

She got her TKN (Novice Tricks Title) in the Spring. You can now get tricks titles by sending in a video, so you can start training for the Intermediate Tricks Title

She happily travels in a crate in the car but could be trained to use a car-safe harness. She is used to having a fenced yard and going for walks on a leash or long line.

She has lived in the country most of her life so she would not do well in a condo or an apartment where she would alert you to other people moving around.  She can not go to a home without a fenced yard.

Also, please note that this is not a rescue situation. She has lived with me her whole life. She will be sold with a contract as are all Miraval dogs and puppies.

The application for PupUp is below. After you fill it out please also send me a note through the contact form telling me that you did it. I am using new software for the form so this is “just in case” it has some glitches.



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