These three girls are waiting for the right home.

At the last minute, three families decided it wasn’t the right time for a puppy, so these girls are waiting for the perfect home. 

black PWD puppy sitting.
Curly PWD puppy sitting up.


Rita‘s secret power is looking right at you. In the dog training world it’s called attention, it’s the foundation of your relationship with your dog, and makes training easy.

Any time spent training her will pay off. If you’d like to try dog sports like agility, obedience, water work, nose work, or even SAR she’s a good candidate. If you spend time outdoors hiking, traveling, or walking around the neighborhood she’ll be a happy companion.

Rita has a wavy coat.


Rita has a wavy coat.


Lily is fearless. and athletic. She loves the tippy board and bowl.

If you like dog sports, or want to learn more about them, she’s an excellent prospect. She’ll thrive with activity, both physical and using her brain. Good brain challenges are going to classes, training for jobs around the house, like putting her toys away, or learning tricks and my favorite sport nosework.


Gretta has a lustrous wavy coat and a pretty face with lots of expression.

She can be cautious in new environments, but with your support she’ll become more comfortable. She will do best as an only dog, although if you want a puppy in a few years, that would work out.

Like her littermates, she is very athletic and will keep up with your activities. As with any dog, the time you put into training, will pay off with big dividends.